6. Measuring Molecular Assembly

Investigating and Quantifying Molecular Complexity Using Assembly Theory and Spectroscopy., Michael Jirasek, Abhishek Sharma, Jessica R. Bame, S. Hessam M. Mehr, Nicola Bell, Stuart M. Marshall, Cole Mathis, Alasdair MacLeod, Geoffrey J. T. Cooper, Marcel Swart, Rosa Mollfulleda, and Leroy Cronin. ACS Cent. Sci., 2024, 10, 5, 1054–1064.

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5. Assembly Theory

Assembly theory explains and quantifies selection and evolution., Abhishek Sharma, Dániel Czégel, Michael Lachmann, Christopher P. Kempes, Sara I. Walker, and Leroy Cronin. Nature, 2023, 622, 321–328.

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4. Mathematical Formalism of Assembly

Formalising the Pathways to Life Using Assembly Spaces, Stuart M. Marshall, Douglas G. Moore, Alastair RG Murray, Sara I. Walker, and Leroy Cronin. Entropy, 2022 7, no. 24.


3. Chemical Assembly Trees

Exploring and mapping chemical space with molecular assembly trees, Yu Ernest Liu, Cole Mathis, Michał Dariusz Bajczyk, Stuart M. Marshall, Liam Wilbraham, and Leroy Cronin. Science Advances, 2021 7, no. 39.

2. Molecular Assembly

Identifying molecules as biosignatures with assembly theory and mass spectrometry, Stuart M. Marshall, Cole Mathis, Emma Carrick, Graham Keenan, Geoffrey J. T. Cooper, Heather Graham, Matthew Craven, Piotr S. Gromski, Douglas G. Moore, Sara. I. Walker & Leroy Cronin Nat. Commun., 2021, 12, 3033.

1. Pathway Complexity

A probabilistic framework for identifying biosignatures using Pathway Complexity, Stuart M. Marshall, Alastair R. G. Murray, and Leroy Cronin Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Math. Phys. Eng. Sci., 2017, 375, 20160342.

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